Macon, GA IBEW

CW/CE Information

General Requirements

For a Construction Wireman/Construction Electrician (CW/CE) to satisfactorily complete the requirements of this program and become a qualified Journeyman Electrician, a CW/CE must:

  • Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 2000 hours of on-the-job training per level.(14000 hours total CW-1 to CE-3)
  • Satisfactorily complete all required studies
  • Comply with all other rules and regulations as set forth by the CW/CE agreement

A CW/CE shall be advanced to the next level only when school work, on-the job training and all required reports have been successfully completed.

On the Job Training

A year of CW/CE on-the-job training is defined in terms of man-hours worked. On-the-job training hours are designed to measure the amount of time spent by a CW/CE in practical job site learning and application of knowledge and skills.


It is strongly suggested that CW/CE’s consult the Apprenticeship Director before quitting.

CW/CE’s are expected to work full time if work is available, be on time to work, follow safety rules and exhibit other good work habits.

A CW/CE who is discharged by an employer for cause shall face disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the program.

A CW/CE who is discharged by three employers for cause shall be dismissed from the program.

During the probationary period (90 days), any termination for cause or any substandard performance on the job or in related training shall be cause for termination from the program.

Conduct / Responsibilities

CW/CE’s shall present as neat, clean, and orderly appearance as possible in keeping with the job. Proper attire shall be a full-length pant, and full-length shirt with a minimum of 4″ sleeves, shoes appropriate to the environment, and there shall not be any obscene or suggestive language on articles of clothing.

CW/CE’s must maintain a valid drivers license and dependable transportation to remain in the program.

If a CW/CE test positive for a controlled substance, due to an employer’s drug screen, they will be suspended for 30 days for a 1st offence and terminated for a 2″4 offense.

CW/CE’s should minimize idle time or pursuit of personal business during work hours, including cell phone use. This should be limited to break and Lunch time only.

Advancement and Training

For a CW/CE to advance from one classification to the next, he/she must complete hours of on-the-job training, suggested number of classroom training hours (see chart below), and a positive work evaluation.

CW/CE Classification Required OJT Hours and Suggested Classroom Hours = Next level
CW-1 Step-1 1000 and 40 = Advance to CW-1 Step-2
CW-1 Step-2 1000 and 40 = Advance to CW-2
CW-2 2000 and 40 = CW-3
CW-3 2000 and 40 = CW-4
CW-4 2000 and 40 = CE-1
CE-1 2000 and 80 = CE-2
CE-2 2000 and 80 = CE-3
CE-3 2000 and 80 = Journeyman Wireman *

*Journeyman Wireman status is achieved only after the craft certification test has been successfully completed.

Class List and Requirements by Classification

CW-1 Step-1 OSHA 10
Math Tech
10 hours
32 hours
No Charge
CW-1 Step-2 Electrical Safe
Work Practices
12 hours $64.00
CW-2 Conduit Bending 30 hours $72.00
CW-3 DC Theory 45 hours $83.00
CW-4 Blueprint Reading 50 hours $86.00
CE-1 Codeology 21 hours $55.00
CE-2 *AC Theory 45 hours $88.00
CE-3 Motor Controls 45 hours $71.00

*You must take Math Tech and DC Theory before AC Theory

* Prices of books may change without notice.

Please call 478-743-7017 for test results

Q. “When can I start taking classes?”
A. As soon as your 90-day probationary period ends.

Q. “How do I get the suggested classroom training hours?”
A. A CW/CE may sign up for any continuing education class or CW/CE class offered at the JATC. However, every CW/CE must take OSHA 10. Also, each CW/CE classification should take the Core Requirement classes to be eligible for promotion to the next level.

Q. “Will I have to pay for classes?”
A. There is a fee, for most classes, that covers the cost of books.

Q. “Will there be tests?”
A. Yes. You must successfully complete classroom tests and assignments to receive credit for classroom hours.

Q. “Is there an attendance requirement?”
A. Yes. You will not get credit for classes that you do not attend.